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Our reference – Years of experience

Sensocoaching stands for many years of successful collaboration with numerous leaders in media, business and politics. Please contact us for a personal reference contact.


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Astrid Posner Qualifications

A renowned actress, Astrid Posner has appeared in numerous film and television roles. She successfully combines years of international experience in acting and dancing with her expertise in communications and systemic coaching. In communications, her focus is on corporate communication.

Sensocoaching® is a coaching format developed by Astrid Posner. It impressively combines established methods of systemic coaching with acting techniques and bodywork that focusses on emotions. Using Sensocoaching®, the communications expert succeeds in creating a coaching environment which allows her clients to directly experience, both emotionally and physically, individual matters they want to address, and thus use this experience to bring about change. Her objective is to guide and empower different personalities to perform at their individual best. Your benefit: Using this experience is the key to successfully implement change.

Key Strength/Competencies

  • Communication and Communication Status
  • Leadership; Personal Mastery; Team Learning; Social Ability; Organizational Change
  • Coaching; Training

Astrid Posner gives lectures and holds seminars in Germany and abroad. With her many years of experience in coaching senior executives in business, media and politics she is a highly sought after coach and speaker.

  • Communication studies (with focus on corporate communications), media studies and theatre studies (Magister, Freie Universität Berlin)
  • Acting and dancing studies (Master of Arts, University of the Arts, Rotterdam, Amsterdam)
  • Systemic coach (certified by EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht)
  • Additional qualifications in systemic and gestalt therapy procedures and systemic constellations
  • Author of the book “Die smarte Art, sich durchzusetzen”
  • Decades of experience as a stage, screen and television actress ( )
  • 15 years of experience as a coach and trainer in the areas of leadership, personal mastery, communication, presentation, status and sales.

Sensocoaching® focusses on the individual and his or her diverse systemic relations. It combines process consulting (coaching) and expert consulting in the areas of communication, personal mastery, leadership and change with learning and practising the relevant skills and competencies. The goal is to bridge the gap between theory and practice, between acquiring knowledge and putting it into action. To achieve this, it is important to deal with individual matters in a sensitive way. Why? Because people are always part of the system they want to change and therefore, wittingly or unwittingly, they are also part of the problem. Moreover, it is equally important that the learning occurs at the cognitive, emotional and physical level. We believe that this holistic approach is essential to equip people with the skills necessary to be successful.

And that is why Sensocoaching® focusses on the change process as a whole. It considers the latest findings in neuroscience on how creative processes, learning processes, motivation and bodywork are linked with each other. This kind of interplay is the key element of Sensocoaching®. Understanding the interaction of body and mind leads to all new insights, followed by the direct implementation of successes in the personal action repertoire. Using this method Astrid Posner resorts to her wide range of expertise in theory and practice as well as her 15 years of experience as a coach.

Interview with Astrid Posner

Prinzessin oder Aschenputtel? Wortführer oder Duckmäuser? Konfliktbereit oder harmoniebedürftig? Die Schauspielerin und Trainerin Astrid Posner gibt Tipps zum Thema Durchsetzungsvermögen im Alltag. Gisela Steinhauer © WDR 2015

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