Practice and theory

Hand in Hand

All seminars follow a hands-on approach and our strength is to bridge the gap between theory and practice. Our exercises are designed in a way for you to directly experience the issues you want to address. We create an atmosphere of trust and mutual support where learning takes place on the physical, emotional and cognitive level. Working towards change may take place on different levels: the organizational level (change management), team level (team development) and the level of the individual. The knowledge gained in our seminars contributes to clarifying, optimising and modifying complex processes.

Below you will find a selection of our existing modules. We are happy to design customized solutions for your company that meet your needs.


As a manager you have to handle complex business environments and deal with contradictions and ambivalence. And the challenge is to not only cope with this complexity, but to manage it effectively. Walking the tightrope between stability and innovation, trying to keep your balance, is a major task. Moreover, you need to successfully navigate amidst conflicting priorities: the requirements of your role, your personal interests and the objectives of the organization. To achieve all of this you need to maintain a can-do attitude, be willing to take risks, have good interpersonal and social skills and demonstrate consistency in your actions. We can assist you in strengthening and enhancing your leadership skill set. We develop leadership skills on three levels: leading yourself, leading your team and leading the organization. We offer seminars and customized development measures for those three areas.

Core contents (extract):

  • Systemic leadership: What is systemic leadership and how do we manage the balancing act between “leading and allowing to be led” by taking this approach? Expand your room for manoeuvre and learn how this particular perspective and its tools will lead to success, even in stressful environments.  
  • Coaching techniques for managers: Selected skill sets for experienced senior executives designed to support, challenge and motivate teams.
  • Motivation as a key factor of success: Knowing what motivates you and others and what you want to achieve helps to understand why people do certain things and have different goals and values in life. We provide you with a key to successful self-leadership as well as leading and motivating teams (seminar based on Reiss Profile).
  • Human branding: You are your strongest brand and the key to your success. In this seminar we will guide you in compiling your personal positioning profile (brand identity, functional benefit, emotional benefit). And you will learn how to use it in a smart way in your professional life. Remember: self-praise is a recommendation!
  • Status and leadership: Learn how to communicate successfully by consciously using your relationship status.
  • High Performance Culture: Learn how to find the ideal team setup and achieve a sustainable increase in performance and motivation.
  • Team leadership: Learn how to foster a culture of communication, create group dynamics and lead (virtual) teams in the best possible way.
  • Leading managers: Learn how to expand your options to efficiently and successfully harness the potential of your managers. You will gain a deeper understanding of the thought and decision patterns of your managers and learn more about new perspectives and possibilities on how to react reasonably in typical conflict situations.
  • From employee to manager: Learn how to obtain a holistic understanding of how you want to lead and behave as a manager. Find out how to consciously implement important leadership tools into your new job routine. Your goals: mastering proper communication, setting boundaries and establishing a smart and farsighted position.
  • Transformational leadership: What does transformational leadership mean? What does it imply while navigating your team through change processes? How do you manage to firmly establish transformational leadership in your personal leadership culture? In this seminar we focus on the hands-on experience of this leadership style and how to transfer it into your professional life. We help managers to design their own role as a transformational leader to succeed in bringing about change.
  • Management policy: Learn how to understand complexities, win majorities, achieve goals. In this seminar the focus is on the positioning of individual managers in difficult corporate environments and situations. The objective is to regain your ability to act, even in cold and hidden conflict situations and in complex ‘faction forming’ environments.
  • Leadership and values: The psychology of responsibility. We will take a look at where you stand and guide you to reflect on personal career questions, such as your specialist career or management career, change of company, dealing with projects that haven’t produced results yet, opposing objectives and power plays.
  • Conflict management: Gain an understanding of how to avoid miscommunication in teams, navigate challenges effectively and successfully manage team dynamics.
  • Meaning as a key factor of success: By emphasizing the meaning of jobs or tasks you will succeed in being an energetic, efficient and powerful leader. Learn how to identify potential bottlenecks and crises at an early stage and respond to them effectively.

I would like to invite you to view the term ‘status’ from an entirely new perspective: status as a relationship status, an interactive relation, as a game. Whenever we talk to other people, relate to others, we take a certain position towards the person we are communicating with.

You are in control and need to find the balance between confidently expressing your point of view without risking relationships; achieving acknowledgement and appreciation without getting tangled up in power plays; leading yourself and others effectively without wearing yourself out. 

The secret lies in how we handle our personal status. It determines all aspects of interpersonal communication and just like sitting on a seesaw we can influence whether we want to go up or down. Raising your status creates distance and respect while lowering your status creates closeness and affection. Learn how to use these dynamics to easily accomplish any goal.       

  • Do you want to be able to captivate your audience by consciously, yet authentically using the game of closeness and distance, affection and respect?
  • As an executive, do you want to be able to successfully hold your ground in challenging situations? And do you want to succeed in convincing people and winning them over?
  • Do you want to be able to handle conflicts in a more flexible, goal-oriented way and avoid miscommunication?
  • You hold a management position in sales, do you want to achieve optimum results despite difficult market conditions?

The way to master these challenges is to become an expert in status. The latest book on communication status can be found here. If you are interested in becoming an expert in status, please enquire about our seminars and coaching programs on communication status by contacting us.


Communication is the tool to master situations and winning people over. Do you want to inspire and motivate people, solve conflicts and establish long-term relationships? Please contact us to discuss your communication needs.

Selection of modules:

  • Bring out the charisma inside of you: What is charisma and how do you create a lasting impact by developing and enhancing your charisma? In everyday life we sometimes tend to ignore our body language and our body’s response to our environment and the person we are communicating with. Yet, being aware of your personal presence in the here and now and knowing what effect your facial expressions, gestures and speech may have on others is the key to being convincing and assertive. The objective of this training program is to learn how to be aware of our body language and to use this experience to identify and avoid routines that affect the way we think and behave.
  • Building rapport for effective communication: How do competent relationship and conflict management skills contribute to successful communication? In today’s fast moving world we need to master the challenge of handling and managing the large number of people we come into contact with. The key elements of this training program are numerous techniques that will enable you to easily and almost effortlessly establish and maintain rapport and to act spontaneously and consistently. And you will learn how to find room for manoeuvre, even in dysfunctional long-term dynamics.
  • Your communication style: What makes your communication style unique? How can you be convincing, inspiring and engaging? Learn how to use your body, speech, voice and mood authentically and consciously to make an impression on others. Just like everyone has his or her ideal speaking voice (neutral pitch), people also have an ideal style of communication that delivers messages with impact. Use this seminar to gain confidence in your own style. Learn how to create engaging situations and motivate and inspire others. Find out how to view your contexts as your personal platform for generating success.
  • Living in the moment & leading yourself: Stop your mind from spinning, focus on your goals and live and work with the flow. This training program is about living and working consciously in the here and now, about (re)learning to manage your professional and personal life. Having achieved this balance we are able to act our best. Find your own individual spontaneity and creativity in every moment and combine it with your personal strategy for success.
  • Media training: How does the impact of your body language change on television? How do you bond with your audience and win it over? How do you manage to conquer your nerves and overcome insecurities? And how do you handle journalists in a smart way to make sure that your message is received and understood in the way you meant it to be understood?
  • Presentation skills training: How do you connect with your audience on an emotional level? How can you design your presentation in both an effective and personal way in terms of content, delivery and dramatic composition? What is the best way to respond to questions and objections? Learn the art of creating great presentations and how to remain in control and make a lasting impression.
  • International meeting culture: Cultural differences have an impact on how to manage international meetings. What structural factors are critical for the success of your meeting? How should you place the contents of cross-cultural meetings to create a strategically smart agenda? How do you succeed in managing the emotions and needs of the different cultures involved to find common ground?
  • Facilitator training: How do you create a productive business meeting atmosphere? How do you influence the dynamics of group events and processes? How do you turn enemies into allies?

In today‘s highly competitive business world where the cheapest offer wins the deal and even long-term business relationships are under close scrutiny again and again, talent management is of vital importance. We develop customized qualification measures in close collaboration with the executives in charge.

Selection of modules:

  • Status Flexibility: The wild card in sales.
  • Negotiation Expertise: How to conduct smart and winning negotiations.
  • Understanding the Needs of Your Clients: Conducting active market analyses, demonstrating good listening skills, being an expert in reading the signals and building emotional bridges – these are the factors of success for being convincing and credible.
  • Being Quick-witted and Selling at the Right Price: How to keep an eye on closing the deal despite having to deal with difficult customers and outrageous demands.
  • Conflict Management Skills: How to competently field questions, respond to objections, avoid miscommunication, reach consensus and handle conflicts constructively.
  • Cold Calling: How to succeed in acquiring customers in telesales by specifically addressing their requirements and how to build strong customer relations.