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„The foolish reject what they see, not what they think. The wise reject what they think, not what they see.” Huang Po

Organizational Development and Transformation

More and more often, and ever more faster, companies are undergoing numerous changes. Digitalization, new forms of collaboration, increased competitive constraints, mergers or simply changing customer demands are only one part of the challenges that constant change implies. No matter whether it’s external or internal reasons that bring about change – to be successful in the long run strategies, processes and structures continuously need to be put to the test.     

How to master change:

Based on the customized analysis of your actual requirements we will design specific change measures for your organization and guide you through all stages of your change process. We will question existing strategies and develop new ones. And we will equip you with the communication architecture and analysis tools that suit your needs to ensure your future viability and competitiveness.

True success often finds its own way. If you are looking for partners who understand the complex nature of your company’s situation, who think outside the box and who apply adequate innovative approaches, then we will give you the vital head start on your way to success.

We are happy to support you in the following areas:

Change management

Strategy development

Divisional development

Interface optimisation


Our goal is to strengthen your self-effectiveness, to enhance your room for manoeuvre and thus to reinforce your personal experience. Sometimes we all face situations where we can’t see the woods for the trees. We will help you to master these situations by opening doors to new possibilities. And we do this without losing sight of you, your personality and your various approaches. Equally empathic and uncompromising, with both humour and profundity we will generate new insights on the cognitive, emotional and physical level to ensure successes and optimum results in your daily life.

The coaching will take place in our facilities in Berlin or on-site at your premises. With a customized schedule that meets your requirements we will get to the bottom of your issues and objectives and will train your skills to help you master your daily life. 

Please feel free to contact us any time for further information and to arrange a meeting to get to know each other.


Behaviour, personality and motif analysis tools offer a broad spectrum of possibilities to comprehensively reflect your personal strengths and potential. What drives you? How do you behave under pressure and stress? How well do you understand and control your emotions? What goals do you want to achieve and why? We will get to the bottom of all of those questions in a protected environment. Based on those insights we will develop specific development measures as well as new ways of thinking and behaviours that will help you to tap into your potential.   

Possible topics

  • Learn to understand your own behavioural dimensions and those of others
  • Assessment and adjustment of how you handle change
  • Learn to understand and adapt your behaviour in pressure and conflict situations
  • How to design your behaviour in and with teams to be successful and achieve your goals
  • Learn to be aware of how you feel about yourself and others and how to handle these emotions successfully
  • Learn to develop your personal success strategy

Together we will deepen and train the skills and competencies related to the results that you will gain during this process.

Coaching On The Job

In our Business Coaching program we will accompany you on-site in your company over a period of 3 to 12 months. You have to make important decisions every day – quickly and efficiently. And organizational changes are only a small part of both the growing challenges you have to face and the ever-increasing requirements you have to meet as a manager.

We are your sparring partner, coach and trainer for your skills. We will analyse, identify and confront you with everything that seems to be relevant to us, you and your environment. Our coaching expertise will provide you and your company with the crucial competitive edge.

Senso- & Photocoaching

Senso- & Photocoaching® is a coaching method that is unique to the market. It combines the holistic training approach of Sensocoaching® with physiognomic aspects. It is about becoming aware that your facial expressions and body language are reflections of your inner processes. Photocoaching® provides access to these inner processes.

How? By taking snapshots of the participants during the seminar that will gently visualise these processes. These snapshots depict those moments that are critical to the participants and illustrate their personal cycle of thinking - feeling - acting. After the seminar we work with each participant individually to discuss the snapshots. The goal is to become consciously aware of the newly gained scope of behaviour through visualisation and to use it effectively.

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